The MaSTR Architect Certification is akin to a graduate seminar.



Once you are ready to attend the MaSTR Architect course you will already have worked with developing Schema Objects and mapping to the database. We will be looking to at the application of development and architectural processes, best practices, and how the world has changed relative to the SQL generation engine and the platform.


The course will cover:

  • Section 1 - The evolution of the MicroStrategy platform and why it matters

  • Section 2 - Principles of MicroStrategy Architecture

    • Most common architecture mistakes, and how to avoid them

    • Solving for deficiencies in the platform

  • ​Section 3 - Database Views

  • Section 4 - Attributes in Detail

  • Section 5 - Facts

  • Section 6 - Database Architecture

  • Section 7 - Platform Architecture Best Practices

  • Section 8 - Advanced Architecture Practices and Scenarios

  • Section 9 - Ways to achieve faster development

  • And much more...



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