Why MaSTR Architect

After working with a wide variety of projects, time upon time I have come upon organizations that are having a terrible time with MicroStrategy and trying to figure out why they are having such a difficult time. MicroStrategy education, while valuable, provides the foundation for architecture, but does not extend far beyond to real-world situations with data.


The goal at MaSTR Architect is to understand the history of the MicroStrategy platform, review common mistakes, provide solution templates to difficult questions, and much more. 


Analytical decisions can hinge upon thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of dollars, the data upon which people rely to make these decisions is crucial. The speed to deliver the information is necessary. The ease of use to increase adoption is integral.


The goals of MaSTR Architect are to:

  • Help avoid common mistakes

  • Apply the architecture in today's environments

  • Shortcuts to rapid deployment

  • Ensure high-quality development

  • Reduce overall risk

  • Collaborate with others in a concentrated environment

  • REAL WORLD Solutions!!!


FREE Scripts and Templates included!!!

We have created several scripts and templates that decrease risk and reduce the amount of development time. This are provided to all students in the course.

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